Colorado crime reporter's notebook

From the archives, but relevant in Portland, Ore., mall shooting. 

Fisticuffs at Michigan “right to work” bill opposition rally. Fox contributor Steven Crowder suffered minor injuries. 

Weed is legal in Colorado. Here’s how people celebrated this afternoon around you guessed it, 4:20 p.m. By yours truly. 

Photog says he had 10 to 15 seconds to react. 

University officials concerned about safety upon learning

James Holmes was a student. Few details about Holmes. He had a brief romantic relationship with grad student. Not much else. 

“Dumb ways to die” safety video goes viral. Here’s doing my part. You’re welcome. Using your private parts to catch catfish though is called noodling. As this video rightly points out, you shouldn’t use that technique to catch piranhas. 

How to survive a shooting in a public place. Run, hide or fight. 

Remember bullet lead analysis? This would be an amazing breakthrough if the science behind it holds up.

Video that I have shot has been on Good Morning America, the BBC and other major shows and networks. But none have used my video clips in quite the same way as Jon Stewart in “The Daily Show” from Nov. 8. “It means I’m going to smoke a lot of weed, tonight, whooo!” was shot Nov. 6 at Casselman’s. Gary Rymer, you are the one who expressed what a lot of Coloradans were feeling when Initiative 64 to legalize marijuana in Colorado passed but no one else who I interviewed that night expressed it in such a real and succinct way.  

Click on the title for the best in-a-nutshell explainer on how Colorado figures into a win for either candidate.